Arbor offers a variety of estate planning packages, tailored to each client's family structure.
Virginia Estate Planning Attorney Services

Estates of every size need the protection of a Will,
A solid, cohesive estate plan requires good advice and sound documents.
as this document ensures that your estate passes as you intend. An Arbor Standard Will identifies those members of your immediate family whom you would like to include in your estate plan, and nominates an Executor and Successor Executors for administration. Of equal importance to parents of minor children, a Standard Will nominates primary, secondary, and tertiary Guardians for children until they reach the age of 18. Testamentary Trust provisions and Trustee nominations are included to manage, protect, and distribute any part of your estate that may pass to young beneficiaries (normally defined as any beneficiary under 25 or 30), and the trust language can be modified to match your specific plans.

A standard package also includes Durable Powers of Attorney for Finances and for Health Care, and at the option of the client, Advance Medical Directive provisions can be added to the health care power. Throughout the process, clients are provided with information and forms for comprehensive planning, including guidance for beneficiary account management, an Information for Guardians form, Lists of Accounts for Executors, a Burial & Final Arrangements form, and a Tangible Personal Property list.

Additionally, Arbor provides estate planning for blended families in Northern Virginia, to ensure that assets are distributed according to the wishes and plans of the family rather than according to the distribution laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Planning With Trusts

Arbor can also provide full Trust packages for individuals or families, which include active
inter vivos Trusts, Wills that work in conjunction with the Trust while also nominating Guardians and other fiduciaries, and all accompanying documents included in the Standard Package. Trusts are available to house life insurance policies, or to hold title to real estate located in other states to avoid multiple ancillary probate processes. Additionally, families can use Trusts to ease the probate process or to protect certain assets in blended family scenarios.

Family Wills and Trusts in Northern Virginia
Every Arbor estate planning package comes with additional documents and interactive forms to assist clients with the current and future management of their estate plan, including an operation guide for reassigning life insurance proceeds or retirement accounts into appropriate trusts, instruction letters for guardians, and forms to distribute individual personal items, such as artwork or family heirlooms. All forms are provided to clients on a disc, which can be used for future personal management of an estate plan and for distribution of information to survivors and beneficiaries.

Please contact Arbor for additional information about affordable, convenient estate planning and wills packages in Arlington, Fairfax, or Loudoun Counties, in Northern Virginia.